Allison & Brenden

    The Lovebirds
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The Heydes

Mary Allison Wyatt


Charles Brenden Heyde III

June 8, 2024

Molena, GA
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How We Met

Georgia College & State University 2020

We met each other in our Intro to Outdoor Education class in the fall of 2020. Back then, Brenden was just the cute guy with the skateboard and I was the quiet girl that sat in the back of class. After many other classes and work opportunities together, our friendship really blossomed when Brenden walked with me to front campus after class. We’ve been attached at the hip ever since!

The Proposal

December 9, 2022

December is an eventful month for our relationship. Brenden's birthday, our anniversary, and graduation all fell in the same week! So, when Brenden suggested we make dinner reservations for the night before graduation, I didn't think anything of it! I especially didn't think anything of it when he took me to get my nails done for our new plans... I even said, and I quote, "Ya know, it's really smart you take me to get my nails done. I'll never suspect when we're getting engaged"... No kidding, Allison. The next day, I was preparing for our fancy night out. Brenden was dressed nicer and WAY faster than usual (don't worry Bridges Fam, he doesn't take as long as Uncle Kevin). One thing I love about Brenden is he never rushes me about getting ready and is always quick to help with anything I need- but not today! He jumped up from his seat and told me to text him when I'm ready, he'd sold his futon and was going to drop it off... I raised a brow as I thought of how weird it was he had to do this NOW, but told him to do his thing. He'd been talking about selling this futon all week, so I knew how important this was to him. Once I was ready, I was met with my best friend K-H(Maid of Honor) in our kitchen with an envelope from Brenden. He'd prepared a scavenger hunt for me around our college town: - The place we met: Chappel Hall, where we shared our first class together - Where we worked together: GCSU Challenge Course - "Our Spot" on front campus where we first started spending time together after class - The game room at my college apartment, where many pool games were played (I won most of them). After surviving the fastest car ride of my life in the pouring rain (I think K-H was more nervous than me), I arrived at a beautiful farmhouse surrounded by never-ending rows of pecan trees with a nervous Brenden on the front porch. The rest is history!

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