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Allie Miller


Andy Harrison



October 28

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The Beginning

Andy and Allie met officially in the game room at Windy Gap as young life leaders in 2016. Allie does not fully remember this happening, but Andy remembers thinking that Allie was super cool (which he now takes back). For years they existed in adjacent friend circles until Allie's junior year of college when she decided Andy had to be her friend. The two saw each other randomly in groups throughout the year. By the end of junior year, Allie straight up asked Andy when he was going to take her on a date (she also told every leader at Young Life camp she wanted to kiss Andy). Allie was in denial that she had developed a crush on Andy, and thought all of her behavior was just a big joke. Andy, also in denial about having a crush on Allie, was making every effort to spend time with her. He showed up for the only 30 minutes he could to Allie's 21st birthday party. The next day he showed up again, at her house, at midnight, and told Allie he liked her (best birthday present ever). A terrible first date and some months later, Andy told Allie he was calling her his girlfriend to his friends and asked if that was okay making it official in October of 2018.

The Distance

Andy was accepted to the Nashville fellows program on spring break of Allie's senior year. On a trip to California with their friends, Andy told Allie the news sitting on the Hollywood sign mountain and without question the two decided distance wouldn't be an issue. Andy moved to Nashville in August of 2019 and thus began the every other weekend commute back and forth from Knoxville. In the spring of 2020 Andy came back to Knoxville due to the pandemic and Allie got news of her acceptance to the University of Oregon. Many long, tearful conversations later, they decided again that distance wouldn't be an issue. Allie moved across the country and every other weekend drives became once a month flights. Allie chased her dreams and Andy built community back in Tennessee. With four years of long distance behind them, Allie and Andy are so excited to live in the same town for the first time since college.

The Proposal

While Allie was in town for her last winter break, Andy was waiting on the ring to arrive with the hopes of proposing around Christmas time. However, the ring never showed. Allie left Nashville to spend a long weekend in Los Angeles with her best friends before going back to Oregon for her last semester. Two days after Allie had left, the ring finally came in. Andy told Rob, Nate, and Casey, firstly, that he had gotten the ring that day, and secondly, he was leaving the next morning to propose. Without hesitation, the boys insisted on joining. Andy got in touch with Courtney without Allie's knowledge through their friend Zack. Courtney came up with a plan and the boys headed to Los Angeles. The girls were to have a beach day in Santa Monica, and before sunset, Andy would meet them there. Once Andy got word they were in place he and the boys made their way to Santa Monica. Andy found Allie on the beach at golden hour to propose, and amid shock, Allie said of course!