Caleb and Alley

Hello family and friends! We are so excited to celebrate with you!


Caleb Wilkerson


Alley Thomas


October 12, 2023

Tifton, Ga
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Caleb’s side

The first time I met Alley was at a Youth Meeting in Ochlocknee, Ga. I knew there was something special the first time we met after being her friend for a while. I knew she was the one that God had for me and the one that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

Alley’s side

How we met

I heard Caleb preach at a church meeting and decided to talk to him. After four attempts of telling him I liked his sermons and him not speaking I just gave up. But then we saw each other again and became best friends! The thought of not having him to talk to after a bad day would've broken my heart which is how I realized I liked him! It took 3 years and multiple attempts of me trying to set him up with other girls for us to start dating! And now we are getting married! I’m so blessed to be marrying Caleb and he is honestly the best person I have ever met! I can’t wait until I get to say "I do" to you, my love. ❤️