October 13, 2018
Pittsburgh, PA

Alix & Chris

    Our Wedding

Hello, Family and friends! Thank you for sharing in this very happy time with us. we hope to see your faces, from near and far, in october!

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Chris Capps


Alix Levy



October 13


Our Story


Chris had moved to Pittsburgh just one week before that fateful day on Tinder (a phone-based dating app). Alix, fresh from a breakup, was in the perfect position to be swept off her feet by this tall, dark stranger from the West Coast. One swipe rightward and their first date was set - drinks at Brillobox and people-watching at the Bloomfield Halloween Parade. After only two weeks Alix was already telling friends and family that she knew she would marry Chris, and Chris was already head over heels in love. Since that fateful, tech-assisted meet cute, the two have been inseparable, with countless dinners, movies, museums, and concerts. They've even acquired one very sweet, stupid cat together. Alix loves Chris for his compassion, kindness, boundless intelligence, humor, and great taste. Chris loves Alix for her brilliance, beauty, unparalleled baking skills, and strength of purpose. What else could they do but spend the rest of their lives together? We are so excited to share this day with you and hope that we can make you feel as loved and appreciated as your presence at our wedding will make us feel.

For all the days along the way
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