Ali & Jonathan


Jonathan Pratt


Ali Horowitz

March 2, 2024

Jupiter, FL
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Our Story

2021: February 17 - Ali swipes right on the rebel who under-bakes cookies, who is not Justin Timberlake. February 18 - Jon asks Ali, "On a scale from 1 to 10, how cute is my dog"? Ali responds "7". Despite being insulted, Jon continues talking to Ali February 20 - After talking non-stop for three days, Jon has yet to ask Ali out. While on the phone that Saturday morning, Ali finally says "So are you going to ask me out for drinks tonight"?!?! Later that evening, Jon picks Ali up for their first date at the Waterway Cafe. Ali willingly gets in the car with him, despite knowing if he's a serial killer or not. February 24 - Jon leaves for 5 days on a ski trip with his buddies. To ensure Ali does not stop thinking about him, he leaves her favorite desserts at her front door. (This is when she knew he was a good one!) March 27 - Jon attends Passover dinner, meeting Ali's mom for the first time. The first thing Jon says (after hello of course) is "How can I help? Can I cut the cheese" Marci is preparing the meal. May 9 - Jon introduces Ali to his whole family - aunts, uncles, cousins... everyone, at his cousin Sam's graduation party at Gilbert's in the Keys. It's a day filled with food, drinks, swimming, and laughter...potentially more drinks than anything else. Jon goes to bed very early (unknowingly) and leaves Ali to fend for herself, having dinner with his whole family that night...without him. July 9 - Ali decides she really likes Jon and Florida life, so she signs a lease to stay a little longer. End of August - Ali and Jon spend two weeks in New York where Jon meets all of Ali's family and friends. They get stuck there because of a hurricane, ironically enough - but it was fine because that meant they had one more opportunity to enjoy Prince Street Pizza. October 9 - Jon attends his first Bar Mitzvah! December 25 - Ali attends her first Christmas! 2022: March 19 - Jon and Ali officially move in together. Second Half of 2022 - Ali asks Jon, at least three times a week when they're getting engaged. 2023: February 3, 3 pm - Ali turns to Jon in their office and says "Jonny when are you going to put a ring on it"? February 3, 5 pm - Jon asks Ali to marry her! "Finally" her mom says..."so she can stop annoying you."