Ali & Cordell

We're Getting Married!


Alexandra Holmstrom


Cordell Snow

August 26, 2023

West Hartford, CT
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How We Met

We ~officially~ met my senior year (2011). Even though we went to different high schools we knew a few of the same people and somehow became Facebook friends ourselves. Who requested who you ask? Neither of us remember. But, after he "liked" one of my profile pictures (me at dinner at J Gilbert's), I took that as my chance to send him a message! The rest was history. Now here we are today, getting married!!

The Proposal


The day after my birthday Cordell and I, along with our dog Beau, went for a nice walk at West Hartford Reservoir. It was such a good day, sunny and not too hot! I usually always walk Beau so I found it so odd that Cordell kept asking to walk him. Little did I know, this was him planning on when and where would be a good time to pop the question. Well, I never let him walk Beau so the proposal didn't happen here... Cordell then suggested we go get my favorite ice cream, toasted almond coconut, at Arethusa. That was an automatic yes from me! He thought to himself that maybe here would be the perfect time to ask the most important question of his life. But he realized that sitting at a small table with four other families around us was also NOT the vibe (smart move). We then went back to our apartment where Cordell [finally] got down on one knee and, in the comfort of our living room, asked if I would spend the rest of my life with him. <3