Tara & Alex


We can't wait to share our special day with you!

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Alex Wolvin


Tara Daniel

April 13, 2024

Roca, NE
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Our Story

We met in 2016 while working at Subway in our hometown, McCook, NE. We worked together there for two years until Alex moved on to another job, while Tara stayed working at Subway. Around that time, we lost touch for the most part and only talked a few times over the next few years. In February 2021, we reconnected through SnapChat and began to catch up with one another. At this point, Tara had been living and working in Omaha for a couple of years and was now pursuing her Bachelor’s degree online through UNO. Alex was living in Lincoln working as an apprentice electrician. After 4 months of talking everyday despite being very busy, we finally went on our first date in June and everything clicked from there! In June of 2022, Tara moved to Lincoln and we got our first apartment together. Tara completed her Bachelor’s degree through UNO over the next year while still working full-time as an Early Childhood Education teacher. Alex has since obtained his Journeyman’s license in the State of Nebraska and now works as a Foreman. In January 2023, we got engaged in the middle of our living room, just the two of us there. We have been planning our special day with the help of our friends and family since and have enjoyed being engaged! We are lucky to have found a best friend and partner in one another since reconnecting later in our lives. What’s meant to be will be!