Alexis & Matthew


Matthew Moyer


Alexis Rhoads

April 20, 2024

Manheim, PA
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How We Met


We met at our place of work, we were on the same team and never spoke a word to each other for the first two months until the one day I started having this terrible back pain in the middle of the office. He saw me in pain and suggested that I lay on the ground in my cubical...the problem with his suggestion (and first ever words to me) was I could not get up off the ground once I was laying there because it was then found that I had a kidney stone! That sums up how we met, now onto how Matt and I started our journey together. There is not much to it other than it started with a work Happy Hour and then a mention about one of Matt's favorite college bars...Legends! This story would typically end with us telling you that Matt slid into MY DM's, but that was not the case, it was me who slid into his DM's as I ended up at Legends that night after our Happy Hour and the rest is history!

The Proposal


The day of our proposal it was an ordinary Thursday where we typically go to dinner and see Lexi's dad, until the night before her dad sends her a text saying that he had to cancel dinner. Lexi didn't think anything of this and didn't ask questions...thankfully! That morning I texted her mentioning that since our dinner plans got cancelled we should go out to dinner at one of favorite local spots and before dinner I suggested we go look at Christmas lights, of course she was excited about our plans. We head to the Christmas lights and the park was closed! My backup plan led us back to our home where I then got down on one knee under our home Christmas lights and asked her to marry me! She said yes and we headed to Sly Fox brewery where all our family and friends met to celebrate with us! We cannot wait to celebrate with all of you on our special day!