Alexis & Corey


Corey Hrischuk


Alexis Desotell


October 14, 2023

Metamora, MI
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Tale as old as time

Our first Date

From the Brides POV: When did Corey and I first meet? I’d have to say 7th grade if you’re looking for an honest answer. We’ve “known” each other for 16 years. Our first date though came from a casual “hey I know you” on social media followed by a “hey let’s hang out”. I remember walking up to the putt putt place thinking “please still be the Corey I remember”. Sure enough, he handed me my putter and said “ready?” In my head I thought to myself, “please don’t suck at putt putt” out loud I said, “let’s do this”. Our first date was my longest first date I’ve ever been on. We finished putt putt, went to dinner and then went for a walk. We had so much to talk about we just weren’t ready for it to end. I think if someone had asked me that day “is he the one?” I could have honestly answered, “yea, I think so”. From the Grooms POV: Leading up to our first date, I was very nervous but also had a great feeling about it. We went putt-putting first and had an awesome time catching up. From my point of view I thought it went extremely well, but we played so fast (out of being nervous) that I wasn’t sure if she had a good time. That changed when we agreed to grab drinks/dinner after at Bitter Toms and then go for a walk. We talked and laughed, and after our first date I knew this was going to be it. I left that date smiling, excited to see her again. And here we are!