Alexandria & Jason



Jason Bass


Alexandria Herniak

September 20, 2024

Manheim, PA
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How We Met


We met in college during a mixer between Jason’s fraternity and Alex’s sorority. Jason & Alex were randomly paired together and hit it off immediately. After the mixer was over, Jason asked Alex if she wanted cheesesteaks from Berrigans before the bar. They stayed together until the bar closed, and we got cheesesteaks at Berrigans again. We sat and talked the rest of the night! We went separate ways for a little until around Jason asked Alex to his fraternity banquet that spring. The rest was history. We officially started dating when Alex graduated college, and now getting married!

The Proposal


Fun fact: Jason was going to propose to Alex in the summer when both of them would be traveling to Ireland. Weeks prior to the proposal Alex told Jason “please do not propose in Ireland”. PLANS RUINED!!! Alex wanted to be surrounded by friends and family on that day, and is exactly what Jason planned. Stacy and Abi (maid of honors) asked Alex to do a Sunday brunch and dress nice as a cute girls day. Jason went “mountain biking” with Alex’s dad. Stacy gets a call from her sister who’s in town and wants us to meet her at Springate vineyards. Alex’s mom was watching their dogs, so she called her mom asking if it would be okay if she went with Stacy and Abi. Little did she know her mom was already at springate. Alex’s mom of course covers and says their home from mountain biking and it was no problem. The girls head to springate, and as soon as we walk around the corner and there’s Jason across the yard by a pavilion with a sign “Alex, will you marry me?”. 1000% yes! Next thing you know our entire family is hiding behind us the whole time. Jason surprised Alex with all their friends and family, and was a beautiful day we shared with everyone. Can’t wait to celebrate with all our favorite people!