Alex & Nina


Alex Nork


Nina Napolitano

May 25, 2024

Columbus, OH
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Balancing Love: A Slackline Story

Steps of Balance, Walks of Love (June 2017)

In the heart of bustling downtown Columbus, nestled within the serene oasis of a local park, our love story unfolded. It was there, beneath the urban canopy, that I lived and often indulged in my unusual hobby – slacklining. Slacklining is a unique balancing act, a tightrope walk of sorts, performed on a slightly slack nylon or polyester webbing suspended between two points, usually trees. It's an art, a balancing act between tension and flexibility, a perfect metaphor for love and relationships. Our paths crossed as I was engrossed in my balancing act. Nina, with her inquisitive spirit, wandered into the park and into my life. Her curiosity sparked our initial interaction, asking me if I had mastered this peculiar activity. I answered with a modest shrug, opting to let my actions speak louder than words. And then, with the beautiful backdrop of the park around us, I gracefully danced on the line, displaying my honed skills. Little did I know that this chance encounter would set the stage for the most important balance I'd learn to master - the balance of love with Nina.

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