Marisa & Alex

    The Venue

Alex Gluck


Marisa Linsley


November 12, 2023

Long Beach, CA

A Tale of Swamps and Beaches

Alex and Marisa's love story is far from the typical "we met online." It still blows them away when they think about all of the things that had to line up in exactly the right way to lead them to where they are today. It all started when Alex was wrapping up a work trip in Seal Beach. With free time and curiosity, he found himself scrolling through the infinite dating profiles of the women of Southern California. It was all just for fun until big brown eyes, an infectious smile, and the longest "about me" he'd ever seen caught his eye. He immediately *liked* her, even though he knew that she’d pass him by after learning that he did not, in fact, live in the area; strangely enough, and to his pleasant surprise, this isn't what ended up happening. Marisa *liked* him, too, and when she noted the distance between them, her first thought was "challenge accepted!" and immediately messaged him. Their messaging quickly progressed to texting, then to their first Skype date, where Marisa made her live-action debut sporting a big grin and a green face-mask, breaking every dating convention for a typical first meeting. Alex had never been a fan of the conventional, though, so her approach worked, unexpectedly, like a charm. They met – like, actually met – for the first time, when she visited the Bay Area for a doctor’s appointment (perhaps the first time a doctor had ever done her a favor). They spent the entire evening talking about everything and nothing and laughing at Marisa being... Marisa. Alex texted her the next day, and they haven’t gone a single day without speaking since. In the face of a multitude of challenges, as Marisa tried to balance her illness with her growing independence, and Alex attempted to build equity in swampy Florida – with years of long distance, a few hurricanes, hundreds of flight hours, the raising of a Labrador puppy who seemed to believe Marisa’s face was food, and a once-in-a-century pandemic – their relationship deepened, their bond solidified, and they knew that they had found their "forevers." Marisa was never a fan (massive understatement) of the soupy Southeast air, just as Alex wasn’t too fond of the armies of red-hatted Florida men roaming freely in their native habitat, so Alex made her a promise that he’d follow her back home to Southern California when a feasible path presented itself. In early 2022, they found their opportunity. Alex packed the car, said his goodbyes to affordable real estate, and embarked with their fuzzy Labrador on yet another exciting cross-country adventure – a quest through bayous, plains, deserts, and mountains, to find themselves back in Marisa’s arms again, where they belonged. AND THEY'RE FINALLY GETTING MARRIED! So, with this, they’re pleased to finally present to you the long-awaited wedding website for their long-awaited wedding!

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