Elizabeth & Alex


Elizabeth Beldon


Alex Ison


October 28, 2023

Cleveland, OH

How We Met


Alex grew up in Northeast Ohio, and Elizabeth is a Cleveland transplant from the Chicago area. Both a bit skeptical of relationships and "new-fangled technology," they nonetheless connected the new-fashioned way in 2018: via a dating app, despite living within a few miles of one another and going to the same gym and shopping at the same grocery stores for years. Thankfully, technology knew better than humans (this time), and the humans knew enough to trust their intuition upon meeting in-person for the first time in the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland, where Alex let Elizabeth know within five minutes of sitting down to dinner the day after Valentine's Day that he was 1) paying for this dinner and all dinners going forward; and 2) he would like to go on a second date should she feel the same way. She did, and they had five more dates before the official "second" date and that was that. They were engaged in September 2021, and after surviving through their new home construction project, they are finally ready and excited to take on their next "project" together and make things official with a party with their family and friends in the heart of Cleveland, where they spend a great deal of time together.