Reminder: the Friday night Happy Hour event has been canceled.
Reminder: the Friday night Happy Hour event has been canceled.

Alex & Benji Said Yes!

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We're Getting Married


Alex Frazier


Benji Muskal

October 14, 2023

Deer Leap-Lake George, New York 07.04.2023

Our Story

First comes love, then comes marriage.

Alex (they/them) and Benji (they/them) met online for a playful romp in June 2020 and reconnected a few months later. They cuddled, watched reality TV, ate Uber eats, and sparked the midnight grill for a lengthy, cold winter. It didn’t take long for the passionate paramours to grow even warmer towards each other, and in March of 2021, they decided to try out the whole ‘dating’ thing. By June 2021, Alex and Benji were most certainly in love. Between vacations to Pittsburgh and Yellow Springs, cooking and baking unique recipes, nurturing a vegetable and herb garden, throwing fabulous celebrations and soirées, and taking many walks and hikes, Alex and Benji make fantastic adventure and project partners. Their domestic partnership solidified when they bought a house in November of 2022. With the recent addition of the puppy Petra to the mix, Alex and Benji are well on their way to building a beautiful family. Alex and Benji originally planned a courthouse wedding by the end of the year to legitimize their union and then have a celebratory ceremony later. However, plans quickly changed over the 4th of July weekend of 2023 when Alex and Benji visited Benji’s parents. While Alex secretly asked for George’s blessing in asking for my hand, Benji advised Robin and Grandma Booey that they intended to marry by the end of the year. The entire family collaborated non-stop for the trip, sharing ideas and making phone calls. With the ecstatic support of both of their families, Alex and Benji are planning a beautiful private ceremony this October at Grandma Booey’s house. The ceremony will blend several traditions, reflecting their status as a queer, interracial, and interfaith couple. Alex and Benji’s marriage represents their choice to spend their lives celebrating and empowering each other. As Alex and Benji continue to grow with each other, their love flourishes in marvelous and unexpected ways. They practice listening to each other, extending grace toward each other, and supporting each other. They study each other’s values and beliefs and have built a shared value set that forms the framework of their relationship. This value set continues to evolve with the couple as Alex and Benji continue on their paths of personal, professional, creative, and spiritual development. We are overjoyed that our families and friends support us. We look forward to celebrating our nuptials with you.

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