Alex & Sage

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Alex Schiffer


Sage Viscovi

October 6, 2024

Stony Brook, NY
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The First Day


Alex had recently come home after graduating college while Sage had just celebrated her 24th birthday two days prior. Both willing to give dating apps another try, they matched on Bumble and struck up a conversation only to realize they lived five minutes away from each other in the town of East Meadow. It was then they agreed to meet up for their first date, where they accidentally ordered a wooden boatload of sushi to their table and talked about everything from their families to their mutual love of pop punk. After getting locked in to the local park after hours and having to hop the fence to leave later that evening, they became smitten and their love continued to blossom into what it is today - only now with the addition of their shared apartment and two loving cats, Cannoli and Zeppole.

The Yes Day


Alex first knew he wanted to propose to Sage a few months prior in June. He came across Boscobel House and Gardens at the suggestion of his mother, Toni, and enlisted the help of his friends and family to make it happen. On the day of the proposal, Alex and Sage spent the early afternoon pumpkin-picking at nearby Wilkens Farm before stopping off at Lakeland Deli to pick up a late lunch. Recruiting his best man Vann and Vann's girlfriend, Haylie, to show up to Boscobel in disguise to snapshot the moment on their cameras, the two ate their lunch overlooking the Hudson Valley in autumn before Alex brought Sage down to the terrace, where he finally got down on one knee and popped the question. With a beautiful, new diamond ring on her finger, Alex and Sage spent the rest of the day walking around the town of Cold Spring before heading home, the bright smiles never leaving their faces.