Pamela & Alejandro


Alejandro Lopez


Pamela Olmedo

March 24, 2023

San Antonio, TX
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How We Met


We met in 2011 back when we both went to Lamar HS. After winter break 2nd semester of school started and classes changed so that we ended up in Geography class together. One day our teacher(coach Joe) put us in a group project together, that’s how we got to talking and became friends. Eventually after a few months of being really good friends Alex walked Me to biology class and asked me to be his girlfriend and the rest is history 💕

The Proposal


Every year we celebrate my birthday in San Antonio with my Family & Friends so I thought we were going to celebrate my Birthday with our families. Little did I know Alex had been planning a proposal with my Mom & Siblings behind the scenes. I walked into what I thought was a b-day party for me to see My Family & Friends lined up side by side and Alex standing at the end with roses in his hands and Balloon wall (with our prom colors) and a huge light up sign that said Marry Me!