Emily & Alec Adamec


We're getting married!







January 6, 2024

Atlantic Beach, FL
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How We Met


Our first time crossing paths happened on June 15th in 2015. We were at a beach party on 18th Street in Atlantic Beach, FL when mutual friends of ours brought us together in the same location. Quite frankly, I (Alec) could not believe my eyes - Can this be real? She is the most beautiful person, inside and out, that I have ever met. We exchanged each other's information on Beach Avenue and we never lost contact since that moment. Unfortunately, we attended different colleges and were pulled apart for 5 years. We both knew during these years that we were meant for each other. Regardless of where we were in our lives, who was around us, and where we were going - We never let our connection fade and the connection grew stronger. There was just something so unexplainable and special between us - 5 years just texting?! When Alec moved back to Jacksonville after graduating school, we finally took advantage of that moment we have been waiting for - a DATE - on June 17th, 2020. As we were pulling into Royal Palms Village Wine & Tapas in Atlantic Beach, we both asked each other, "Wait - why are we going to dinner?! Let's just go to the beach and catch up!" WELLLLLL - We did just that and now we're getting married!

The Proposal


Palm Beach, FL We were supposed to be taking the boat down to West Palm Beach to grab lunch at a really good sandwich shop. But the weather was so perfect and the water was so clear that we decided to drop the anchor at Peanut Island about 20 minutes away from the sandwich shop. We sat at the island for a while just enjoying the time together! Luckily, Emily managed to be looking out towards the island for just enough time for Alec to put rose pedals all over the back of the boat with champagne and one of our favorite songs playing. "Emily!! Can you come help me real quick?" She turned around to come to the back of the boat and Alec was on one knee with the engagement ring. Jumping and screaming - It was too good too be true. We had photographers on the beach and drones in the air to capture this moment for us. It was perfect - Every single part of it. Every single boat and ship in the area was blowing their horns and playing music as loud as they possibly could to celebrate with us. A moment we will never forget! While we were at Peanut Island "getting lunch", the family set up beautiful flowers at the house! Ems whole family came into town, food caterers had set up, and the party was just getting started!

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