Alansya & Edmond


We're getting married!





October 20, 2024

Woodlands, TX
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How We Met


They crossed paths as classmate's their senior year of high school. Although Alansya thought he was very handsome nothing was pursued. Then in the summer of 2018 they were introduced to each other again through our mutual group of friends, until they eventually caught each others attention. After the summer was over, Alansya went back to college where they remained very close until she returned home for Christmas break. Alansya decided to stop denying her feelings and let Edmond know how she felt. She was very scared that if the feelings were not returned it could ruin the great friendship they built. It turned out to be one of the best decisions she could ever make! They dated for the next few months, until 5.15.19 where she was asked to be his girlfriend. After 3 years of being boyfriend and girlfriend they will now enter this new journey in life as husband and wife!

The proposal- Edmonds point of view

The Ring

There are very few moments in a man’s life where they are 100% sure about something. But when I decided that she would be my wife, I knew since year 1 .I remember staring in the mirror before her parents got to our house with her first surprise, and telling myself this is it. Trying to weed out any doubt their might have been… but of course there was none. Words can’t describe how I feel for her, so the best thing I could do was play music and serenade her in the car, while fumbling with the ring in my pocket anxiously waiting to say those 4 important words. Once we finally get to Galveston I disappear in the background and let her take in everything she is about to see, I step through the door following behind her like a shadow, until I got down on one knee and awaited to see the glow of happiness on her face when she finally realizes what’s happening. Nothing in my life could have prepared me for the look of happiness she displayed, especially when she saw her ring! Most women are fine with whatever and I am lucky to have found one who holds those same values, but she deserved the best, So I gave it to her. I strive daily to make her happy, and I think that was my best work yet. I was fully aware and happy to know that my life would change forever on that day.