Amanda Berenice & Jorge





Amanda Berenice


September 30, 2023

hickory hills, IL
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About Us

a: It took me two dates to know the search was over. I'm such a sucker for Romantic Movies; Whenever I share our story to others on how we met & started dating - it always makes me feel so lucky & extra special. Jorge is funny, hardworking, detail-orientated and extremely caring. I read somewhere green eyes are the most rare eye color in the world and only about 2% of people in the world have them; And well Jorge has green eyes. So to my rare gem, You've given me the strength on really tough days, support & courage with life changing events, and you make me feel loved & alive on days that feel ordinary. I thank you for for allowing me, to be that, Me. What an extraordinary journey it has and will be sharing a life with you. J: My story starts back 11yrs ago when I first met Amanda at sams club the moment I first seen her I knew there was something special about her.