Ailee & Levi



Levi Davis


Ailee Graves

September 24, 2023

Santa Barbara, CA

How We Met


We met on Bumble BUT we met for the first time at Sunny Fields Park for our first date. We didn't doubt we would enjoy our first date while we were first talking but we immediately felt a strong connection after talking in person. So much so that we had hardly noticed it had gotten dark outside. During that time we had our Nosey Nellie's Natalie (Ailee's mom), Amy (Ailee's Aunt), and Donte (Ailee's Cousin) snooping and taking pictures of our first date. And lastly we had Sarah (Levi's sister) call Levi to make sure he didn't get kidnapped since the date was running so long. We love our over-protective family.

The Proposal


Ailee's Perspective: We were going to my Grandpa Joan and Grandpa Steve's house for our annual Christmas Eve party. I was so excited to see the family in one place, watch the kids tear into their presents and see them bond with their cousins. At some point during the party we have everyone sit down while we have a few people pass out presents. I was already happy with what I had received, but that wasn't all. Levi told me he had another gift for me. I opened it and found two mugs. One mug said, "Happy Wife" and the other said, "Happy Life". Next thing I know Levi is down on one knee in front of my entire family asking me to marry him. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect proposal. Without hesitation I said "Yes" and now here we are about to celebrate our special day with the people we love! Levi's Perspective: It started about 2 days before our trip to Oregon in December of 2022! I was rushing around Lompoc, trying to get simple errands done before I left; like buying Christmas gifts for people, getting a few snacks and stuff and trying to buy snow gear for Christopher to wear during the trip. So I naturally, ended up at Ross. Of course. They have everything! That being said, I got some clothes and some gifts for people, and in the line to checkout my items, I see this set of coffee mugs! One says “happy wife” the other says “happy life” so of course I said to myself. These would be hilarious to give to Ailee, cause we’re not even engaged. And then, that sparks an instant idea! Why don’t I go buy an engagement ring and just propose? So, I do just that! Go to Bumatay jewelers, find a nice ring, guess the size. And bam! We now have a ring and a set of coffee mugs! Now, skip ahead a few days! We’re in Oregon, hanging out! I walk into a room with Ben and Nat (Ailee's parents) and tell them I needed to talk to them. And that’s where I told them I wanted to propose to their daughter. Of course, Ben being Ben, he says “ are you sure she’s gonna want to marry you?” And I say something in the form of, “probably not, I hope her standards are a little higher than me.” But, Ben and Nat are now excited and telling all the family in Oregon. Of course, I knew this was coming. Because, who are we kidding? This family can’t keep secrets like that! Now, skip ahead again, to Christmas Eve, 2022! We’re at Steve and Joan’s house for the little party, hanging out, eating. Of course. And now comes time for gifts! Everyone’s opening presents, Ailee gets a few from me! And then… I give her the mugs. She looks at them, a little confused, Laughs a little cause it’s a stupid gag gift! Now, while that’s happening, I'm getting down on one knee, I propose, we hug, we shed a couple happy tears! And now, tada! Here we are! GETTING MARRIED!!