Phill Tucker


Aida Tucker

March 29, 2025

Lake Charles, LA
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How We Met

Fall 2005

Phill noticed Aida first back in 2005. Nothing really happened then. Fast forward to 2008. Both Phill and Aida volunteered at the same summer camp. This is when Aida noticed Phill. Again, nothing really happened. Fast forward to 2014. Aida is ready to be an actual, serious relationship and Phill comes to mind. She starts contacting him and in January 2015 they meet up in person. Again, a couple weeks go by and on Super Bowl XLIX, Aida sends him a long, weird message on Facebook saying she wants to "talk more". Things are still slow but start picking up and in April 2105, Phill visits Aida in Seattle. This is when she knows Phill is absolutely the person she wants to spend the rest of her life. Many more things happen, both Aida and Phill make weird decisions but FINALLY in January 2019 Phill proposes to Aida.

The Proposal


Phill proposes to Aida at L'Auberge Casino in Lake Charles, LA. Aida goes boneless and can't really stand up straight for a good 1-2 minutes. Right after that they go to dinner with their family and announce the news. It was a very good night.

After The Wedding


After their COVID-19 wedding Aida and Phill went on their honeymoon to Palo Duro Canyon near Amarillo, TX. After about two months, Hurricane Laura hit and affected many of their family members living in Sulphur and Lake Charles. More changes hap