Adesewa & Ayomide


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August 26, 2023

Roselle, IL

Love at First Sight

Who would have thought that we would meet at the right time...... When we met, it was after a Davido concert in Chicago, IL. I wasn't suppose to go to that concert that night but, my friends wanted me to go and I was contemplating if that would be a wise decision. I bought the last few tickets that were left. I just came back from work, tired, and ready to go home, but something told me that day to go out, enjoy myself, and live a little. He also was not planning on going to the concert himself that night. The ticket to the concert was actually meant for his younger brother Tayo. As I was leaving the concert that night, sweaty and tired from dancing with my friends after a great time, I met Ayomide. He recognized one my friends as we were trying to get through a crowd of 2,000 people. As he was catching up with one of my friends, we locked eyes. He asked my friend who I was and then he introduced himself to me. When I told him my name, the first thing he asked was "ah are you yoruba???" I said yes and he went straight into excitement to the point were my friends were like, who is this guy and why is he talking with so much passion to Sewa? Ayomide pursued me and that was very rare for me to experience. The second question that night that Ayomide asked me was: Are you ready for marriage? That was very direct and very meaningful. In my mind, I was shocked about how confident and careful he was with his words. He was ready and I was ready and at that corner street, I knew I met someone special. He was so much in awe of me to the point where he followed me as my friends were dragging me away from him, until he got my number that night. My friends were very protective over me because they knew what I was going through at that time. Usually, I am not the one to give my number to strangers, but after a huge disappointment in my last relationship I was open and ready for someone to love me completely. Ever since that day, Ayomide has not only been a man who was and is consistent, but a man that is true to his word, loving, calm, patient, and a kind man. We are so blessed and lucky that God brought us together at the right time. We truly believe we walk through life to learn from past disappointments not to fail again, but to win and win well. I won an amazing man and I know the feeling is vic versa. I can't wait to start this amazing journey with the love of my life. His laughter and smile melts me every time and he brings me joy like no other.

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