Andrew & Kelsey


We're getting married!


Andrew Stephen Hawkins


Kelsey Renae McDaniel

October 29, 2023

Spring Hill, TN

How We Met


In 2019, Andrew lived in San Juan Capistrano, and Kelsey lived in Laguna Niguel, a few miles away. Despite dining in the same restaurants, running errands at the same shops, and staking claim to the same stomping grounds, they never ran into each other. One weekend a month, Andrew would report to Garden Grove for National Guard and eat lunch at the places Kelsey would meet her parents and grandma, but they never ran into each other. Monday through Friday, Kelsey would pull up to work at 1 Park Plaza, at the same time Andrew was parking at 4 Park Plaza, in the same corporate park a stone's throw away. Still, they never ran into each other. After meeting online, all these coincidences were discovered on their first date on May 5, 2019. Andrew mentioned there might've been times they were in line together for coffee at Bistro 24 (1 Park) or breakfast at Jan's (4 Park), but Kelsey assured him that, had she seen him, she would've made an excuse to talk to him. The alignment of their lifestyle and schedules was a happy coincidence, but Andrew and Kelsey found the real kismet in their shared faith, sense of humor, love of adventure and spontaneity, and desire to be together every day, ever since the first date.

The Proposal


In the early evening of December 3, 2021, Andrew and Kelsey prepped for a "Hallmark Christmas Movie Moment" at the annual Franklin Christmas Tree Lighting. Andrew asked Kelsey to make tea in the thermos he set aside — she scoffed, said, "Sure..." and snuck into the kitchen to make Hot Toddies instead. In typical Kelsey fashion, she was completely oblivious to the real game plan and kept deviating from the agenda to browse through the shops. With the help of Olivia and Joel, Andrew got his wandering, soon-to-be fiancée back on track to singing carols with the rest of the town square while eagerly awaiting the countdown for the tree lighting. After hundreds of people merrily shouted, "Five... four... three... two," the tree illuminated in a twinkling glow at "ONE!" Andrew took Kelsey by the hand to the base of the tree. He stunned her, saying, "I have a question for you." Immediately, the only thing in her head was, "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh." But Andrew threw a curve ball, asking, "What are you thankful for?" Panicked and confused, she responded, "Ummm... for Christmas? And ummm... for you?" Andrew laughed and began listing all the beautifully thoughtful things he is thankful for in their relationship. He ended by saying, "So, I have another question for you. Will you marry me?" It was the easiest "YES" of Kelsey's life, and even more of a Hallmark Christmas moment than she ever dreamed of!

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