Adan & Sara


Adan Chavez


Sara Flores

September 6, 2024

Spring Branch, TX

In the Blink of an Eye

After four years of working up his courage, Adan decided to take a chance and ask Sara out. It's important to note that Sara was Madalyn's homeroom teacher at the time. Keep reading, it gets better. During Teacher Appreciation Week, Adan sent Sara a Harry Potter gift inviting her out for butter beer. Being the Harry Potter enthusiast that she is, Sara couldn't say no. (Read their first text messages to each other below) The months following their first date were a whirlwind, and on the third month, Adan asked Sara to marry him. Fools rush in, right? Throughout their two-year engagement, they've remodeled a fixer upper, became dog parents, and learned just how opposite they really are. They can confirm that opposites really do attract. Although their time together, so far, has gone by in the blink of an eye, they can't wait to slow down and enjoy the rest of their lives together. They hope you can join them celebrate the next milestone in their love story.

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For all the days along the way
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