Emily & Adam



Emily Morris


Adam Poirier

October 6, 2023

Shawnee, KS

Our story :)


We are so thankful and blessed for the prayers, conversations, and support from all of our family and friends as we have each been searching and waiting for a godly spouse. Our story begins with…… It all started with a smile that was sent one Sunday evening on the 5th of February from a curly-haired woman in Kansas. The man with a nice smile in Massachusetts replied with a kind message two days later. Back and forth they wrote. A week after his initial note, he asked her out to “get coffee” over video. Over the course of the next several weeks stories were told, memories were shared, ideas and sermons were discussed, and they discovered that they were both looking for similar things in a spouse— someone who put Christ first, had a close relationship with their family, had a desire for children, and wanted to serve together. He flew out for the first visit in person on the 1st of April. They both felt at ease and very comfortable spending time with one another. The calls continued and were the highlight of each day they were able to talk. The day Adam arrived, Emily took him to Shawnee Mission Park to walk. They lasted about a hundred yards before they turned back cold and wind- battered. During Adam’s fifth visit to Kansas, they decided to venture back out to Shawnee Mission Park on July 19. Adam proposed on the gravel road to the boy scout campsites and Emily said yes! They are excited to begin their future in Massachusetts, but don’t be surprised if they arrive in Kansas for a visit. Their guest room in Massachusetts is open and waiting for visitors. They would love to share their home and New England sites with anyone who would like to visit.