Abigail & Stefan


for now and forever


Stefan Kroger


Abigail Castonguay


September 30, 2023

Saco, ME

How We Met

June, 2019

We met for the first time in the summer of 2019 while working at our local Hannaford. We didn't talk too much, and when Fall came we went our separate ways to attend college. Over the winter, during break, we worked together and chatted, but were just friends. When COVID hit, we both ended up back at that same Hannaford where we really hit it off. We started talking all the time, and pretty soon we had our first date (who asked who is still a mystery). June of 2020 is when we officially started dating and the rest is history!

The Proposal

It was July 15, 2022 when Stefan asked the question. We had been together for over two years at that point, and knew we were going to get married. A couple of weeks prior to the proposal, one of my roommates (Olivia) approached me asking if I wanted to do an escape room in a couple of weeks with our other roommate (Lily). I said yes, and plans were made. Stefan and I had plans to go home that weekend so I asked if he could tag along not knowing I was getting proposed to. Olivia went down early to 'pick up Lily from work', and Stefan and I followed shortly after. On the way we picked up one of my closest friends (Emma), who I've known since high school. We then traveled to Portland, ME and did an escape room. In the final puzzle I opened a door and there sat my engagement ring, and when I turned around Stefan was down on one knee asking me to marry him. I was shocked, and of course I said yes. Turns out Olivia had met up with Lily so they could drop my ring off. After the proposal, we all met up with a group of friends to get dinner. It was perfect!

Our Vendors

We have so many amazing vendors that are going to make our big day even more special. A heartfelt thank you to Rustic Dreams Barn and Venue for providing an amazing space to host our reception. To Janelle Lyford (@Janellelyfordphoto) for capturing our engagement photos (the one's featured on this site) and our big day. To Bassline Entertainment for keeping the jams going and the dance floor packed. Moe's BBQ for providing yummy food to all our guests, and Flower Girl Wedding Designs for creating our beautiful flower arrangements. So excited to celebrate this day with you all!

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