Emily & Michael


We're getting married!!

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Michael Sexton


Emily Abernethy

October 19, 2024

Wallace, NC
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Chance Meeting

Internet Connection

We met online as most people do in this day and age. Our first meeting was in front of Front Street Brewery downtown Wilmington. I wanted to make sure he was who he said he was so I did a ride-by (you can never be too careful). We had a few drinks at Bourbon Street to get to know each other and then walked around downtown for awhile. We hung out a couple other times downtown over the next couple weeks, but hadn't yet been to each others residences. Over my birthday weekend, I had a friend come to town for a Margarita Crawl and we booked an Uber. To our surprise, Mikey ended up being our Uber driver that day. It was funny because he had no idea where I lived, and there are over 100 Uber drivers in Wilmington. We continued to hang out (spending a lot of time in the Hammocks at River Lights or downtown at Orton's playing pool). And the rest is history. After 5 years of being together we have been through many ups and downs. We've had some awesome adventures including California, Georgia, Maine, New Hampshire, and New York. Mikey spent a few years driving a truck; and of course, we can't forget COVID!!! Through it all, we wouldn't want anyone else by our side. We make each other happy and after all our singing and dancing through the grocery store aisles, it truly is meant to be! We are looking forward to many more adventures together as we start the next chapter of our life.