Abby & Ryan

    Wedding Party
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Wedding Party

Abby Cherry


Ryan St Marie


Carol Cherry

Mother of the Bride

Brian Cherry

Father of the Bride

Mary St Marie

Mother of the Groom

Steven St Marie

Father of the Groom

Auburn Hall

Maid of Honor

Abby and Auburn have known each other since they were 4 and 2 years old, brought together by not only their parents, but their grandparents' friendship. Auburn is the little sister Abby always dreamed of and together they have built a special sisterhood bond, sharing countless adventures, especially on the Cape!

Shawn St Marie

Best Man

Ryan's older brother. Ryan and Shawn shared not only a room growing up, but many fond memories, trips, and experiences. Ryan and Shawn have always had a close connection and have been able to rely on each other in their times of need.

Morgann Mcginty


Abby and Morgann met through our beloved run club in the Spring of 2018. We became fast friends with a love of beer, adventures, and quickly turned into traveling buddies both near and far

Brian O’Donnell


Brian is considered to be Ryan's 4th older brother and 5th St Marie son. While living in Boston, Brian and Ryan grew closer and bonded over golf, pool, and red wine.

Stephanie Krebs


Abby's work partner in crime and "Mom" around Charlestown, Stephanie has been a great resource, shopping partner, and comrade with life's ups and downs

Jesse St Marie


The 2nd St Marie brother. Jesse has always been a major influence in Ryan's life and the source of many helpful life lessons. Living close to Jaden, Julia, and Justin has provided Ryan a chance to be a positive role model in their lives.

Lauren Vershon


Roommate by craigslist chance (thank the high heavens) and friends by all the things in life. Abby and Lauren bonded over the years with a plethora of hikes, tera card readings, and many late night show binges that accompanied long and in depth conversations

Scott St Marie


The eldest of the St Marie clan. Scott has been the pioneer of all the St Marie boys. Scott has helped Ryan, Jesse, and Shawn navigate the trials and tribulations of life.

Beth Kempton


Beth and Abby met through our beloved run club, but their love for Taylor Swift (and Ed Sheehan) has grown them closer as friends

Connor St Marie


Ryan's eldest nephew. Connor has grown up to be a wonderful addition to the St Marie men. He is amazingly family centered and always presents himself with a calm and collective manner. A perfect demeanor to share with the groom on the wedding day

Tiffany Saragian


Tiffany and Abby share a big love of running, tequila, adventure, traveling, and most importantly; their friends

Jaden St Marie


Ryan's nephew. At 10 years old, Jaden is growing up fast and already wise beyond his years. While he's already beating his Uncles in chess, his pool skills are also matching their levels these days.

Naz Gandikal

Escorting the Ring Bearer

While Naz will be helping one of the littlest members of the family down the aisle, it is Naz who first helped Abby acclimate as another girlfriend to the St Marie men

Owen St Marie

Ring Bearer

At just one year old, Owen is entrusted with one of the biggest responsibilities. He must carry the treasured rings down the aisle. Hopefully, he does not try to use them for teething.

Jessica St Marie

Escorting the Horseshoe Carrier

Jessica is rich in traditions and family, which makes her the perfect choice in assisting the youngest member of the family with the biggest piece of luck of the day

Justin St Marie

Horseshoe Carrier

Traditionally, the youngest member of the family is supposed to carry a treasured horseshoe down the aisle to wish the newlyweds luck on their day and into their marriage

Julia St Marie

Flower Girl

An easy choice to make as Julia loves all beautiful dresses, flowers, and has no trouble commanding attention for a special performance.

Will Fallows


Abby and Ryan knew Will would be a fantastic choice to officiate their day because of the mutual friendship the three of them share. Will has been able to watch our love grow since day 4 and has always been there to enjoy the big experiences throughout our years as a couple.