Mary Tabatha & Kyle


Kyle Kuykendall


Mary Tabatha Turner

March 18

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The Lord is so Faithful

In August of 2021, Kyle was moving out of his home in Springdale and moving into an apartment complex and needed to rent a storage unit in the Discovery Storage Building in Bentonville. At that same time, Abby was anticipating moving into her new house - which was and is still not completed (more on that later) - but was frustrated and overwhelmed at the process and decided to move for a brief 'sabbatical' to Nashville, Tennessee. She decided to rent a furnished apartment in Nashville and needed to put her belongings for a few months in a storage unit. She chose the Discovery Storage Building in Bentonville. Excited for her adventure out of town, Abby was singularly focused on moving to a new city and escaping the frustrations of Northwest Arkansas. On the flip side, Kyle was excited about starting a new chapter in life and meeting new people. On July 24, 2021, Abby was at the storage unit with her friend Whitney when a man (come to find out later - it was Kyle!) came up to her and asked her if she lived in the apartment complex directly behind the storage unit. She blew him off and that was that. When she got in the car, her friend Whitney tried to encourage Abby that he was cute and she should talk to him. However, Abby was focused on moving to Nashville the following week. A week later, Abby and her friend Alexis were dropping a few final things off at the storage unit in the middle of the night. When they arrived there were no carts, so they waited for one for a few minutes. All of the sudden, a man carrying two carts came into the bay. Abby, perturbed that someone would "hog" the carts, rolled down her window and barked "do you really need both of those" at the man. Instead of being put off that a girl snapped at him, this man decided that he would approach the car and carry on a conversation with the two blondes sitting inside. The man introduced himself as Kyle and even mentioned that he had met her the weekend before at the storage building. For the next hour, Alexis would "flirt on Abby's behalf" with Kyle. She was the best wing-woman! Abby was mortified that Kyle stayed and talked to them for over an hour as she was dressed in pajamas with no make up and her mouth guards in. The next morning Abby woke up with over 200 notifications on Instagram and a very long Direct Message. Kyle had liked almost every single photo Abby had posted and had written her asking to take her on a date. Abby turned him down and told him she was moving to Nashville and was not interested. Kyle was so persistent and didn't accept the defeat. He asked her about Nashville and her hobbies and over the next week broke down Abby's wall. Abby remembers thinking, "why do I want to talk to this man so much?" In a moment when Kyle wanted to start over and Abby wanted to run away, God was working to bring them both together. He knew exactly what they needed. One of the songs that will be played at the wedding is entitled In the Meantime by Hannah Kerr. There is a line in the song that says: I will trust You You're using every moment by design In between expecting In between receiving Before I know the answer Before I see the reason You're moving in the meantime God showed up in the most unlikeliest of places in the most complicated of situations and brought Abby and Kyle together. Their story has been marked by the Lord's kindness and grace over and over again. On December 9, 2022 Kyle proposed to Abby in that same storage unit where they had met with twinkling lights and pictures of their adventures from the past 16 months. God has a story that He has planned for each of us. He has people that He wants to bring into our life. If there is anything that Kyle and Abby have learned over the last 2 years, it's that we need to be open to receiving the Lord's direction and stewarding every moment focused on Him. Thank you for celebrating our marriage with us!