Audrey & Andrew

    Our Day

Andrew Wilson


Audrey McKee

June 28, 2024

Fort Thomas, KY
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Our Love Story

God's plans are always better than our own

It started in 2014 when Audrey and Andrew were on vacation with their families at Catholic Family Land. They met one morning when they were paired up for an icebreaker game and became friends. Throughout the week they spent time together and before leaving they decided to stay in touch even though they knew they lived in different areas. Several years went by, and they stayed in touch! They spent countless hours on the phone whether that was emailing, texting, or calling almost every night. Their friendship grew stronger over the years and even though they talked about dating several different times, they both agreed it would be better to stay friends and see what God had planned for them. Life happened, and so did several detours for Andrew and Audrey. They stayed in contact but distance kept them apart for a few years. 2020, that all changed. In April of 2020 Audrey made a last minute decision to go back to OH to stay with her family. It was during this time, Audrey and Andrew ended up back in the same state, truly re-connected and remembered how much they meant to each other. Not only did they grow in relationship, but also spiritually. They started to pray together, support each other and help discern what life would like for the both of them. It was after praying the Divine Mercy Novena together they started to notice something was happening. Finally, after all years the timing was right and what they had was worth fighting for, so they said “let’s try dating and see what happens!” The journey was far from over, Audrey went back to college in Florida and Andrew was in the Army and working a full-time job in Ohio. This started two long, challenging, but worth it years of long distance. The sacrifices they both made, the constant change of plans, missing important events, FaceTimes, Dunkin, plane tickets, and hours in the car driving was all worth it. In May 2022 Audrey took a job in Cincinnati, and for the first time in 8 years they were within 40 mins from each other. A year later on May 11th, 2023 Andrew proposed and Audrey said "Yeah!".

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