May 26, 2024
Leesburg, Virginia

Aaron & Valerie

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Aaron & Valerie

Aaron MacGregor Burn


Valerie Elizabeth Leonberger




May 26


Welcome to Our Story

To all of our friends and family, we are excited to celebrate our marriage with you! You can read a few highlights from our love story below. Please check out the other tabs to learn more about our wedding and hotel accommodations!

The First Date

February 15, 2020

Aaron chose the first date spot--a historic restaurant that used to be a stop on the underground railroad. Aaron the Carnivore tried to eat spinach while Valerie sat back reserved. A book of stamps poked out of her purse; Aaron asked her to bring stamps to help him send off documentation for his business--just a small token to symbolize how they would support each other in the pursuit of their dreams.

Making it Official

March 15, 2020

Aaron planned a date to Donut Shack, a Glen Burnie staple. They sat and spoke for a while at the horse shoe shaped diner counter on a pair of chrome stools before Aaron asked Valerie to go steady. Later that same week, the pandemic shut down the nation...leaving them plenty of time to get to know each other (great time to start dating). They visited Ocean City in June, staying in a castle shaped hotel facing the ocean. In July, they visited Wildwood Beach for his birthday, where they went to an arcade and won their first prize as a couple, a pirate ship with black sails, and Aaron bought her artisan purple heart earrings made from oyster shells.

The Engagement: Proverbs 31:10

January 16, 2023

Aaron had the ring burning a hole in his pocket for months. He was waiting for the perfect time on a family trip where he would meet Valerie's family in Puerto Rico for the first time. The first day he tried but the water went out in Camuy and he wanted them both to look their best, so he waited. The second day he tried but Valerie had a migraine, so he waited. The third day he couldn't wait any longer. He coordinated with Valerie's Dad and made sure they would have a beach picnic at a pre-scoped location. It took some work to keep the secret from the other members of the family, but Valerie's parents dropped them off at Ohana Beach (there are no Ubers in royal PR) and it was almost time. Once on the beach, Valerie kept stopping to pick up seashells and Aaron kept pushing her forward toward a secluded spot in the distance. Beach towels, flowers, champagne, votives, chocolates, and a stuffed pup made the perfect scene for the proposal. He began with an improv speech about a mug they noticed in Walmart the day before; on it was printed "Mujer 31:10", the same Proverbs bible verse he had inscribed on her engagement ring.

A Relationship of Firsts

Every strong relationship should challenge each person to grow and experience something new. Aaron introduced Valerie to a world of new experiences. He introduced her to several of his favorite Studio Ghibli films, broadening her Disney-bound view. As the world started to reopen, he brought her to hotpot--which is now a staple in their relationship--and many trips into the Shenandoah area, the true place he can relax. Valerie brought plane travel to Aaron's to-do list with flights to Florida to experience Universal Studios and Disney World and a trip Puerto Rico to meet her family and see the gorgeous country. Aaron and Valerie even ventured to Colombia together in 2023--this was their first time in South America!

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