Troy & Emma


Troy Preston


Emma Goodbeau


November 2, 2024

Pomona, CA
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How we met.

October 2016

When we moved into our house in Covina my dad become good friends with one of our neighbors Paul. Who also happened to be Troy’s uncle. He introduced Troy and I when we were just 16 and the rest is history… Thanks Paul ◡̈.

The proposal

June 16, 2022

Fast forward 5 and a half years… we take a trip to Cabo with Troy’s friends and family. By the second day I became super sick with a cold and wanted to stay in bed all day. Poor Troy had to drag me out of the room to go have breakfast because the staff we’re supposed to decorate our room that morning while we were out, something I did not know about of course. I gave him a hard time at first but eventually agreed to go for a quick breakfast then immediately come back to rest. I look back at it now and feel so bad, Troy must have been stresseddddd trying to get me out of the room in time. After breakfast he suggested a walk on the beach. Should’ve been my first clue… when does troy ever want to take a romantic walk on the beach?… my second sign should’ve been the fact he wore a nice button up to breakfast while he was sweating buckets but oh well. During our walk on the beach we decide to play a game, almost like Pictionary. He has me turn around as he starts to draw his first picture. Finally I open my eyes to see “Marry me?” written in the sand and Troy is on one knee. I’m pretty sure I said yes but I blacked out after that and don’t remember much. All I remembered is feeling over the moon excited and can’t wait to share the news with everyone especially my parents. Little did I know they were on a plane that very moment coming to surprise me on that trip. Easily the best week of my life.