We’re getting married!

Robert Miller III


Natosha Porter


Robert Miller III


Natosha Porter


May 5, 2024

Bridgeview, IL
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2/25/23 The day I said yes!

How we met…Her story

July 22, 2021

Robert and I became friends on Facebook. I typically do not accept people I don’t know in real life as a friend, but I took a chance and thought why not (glad I did!) Robert posted a picture of a pot roast. Pot roasts are one of my favorite meals! It look delicious and I could see that it was made a little different than how I make mine. I inboxed him and asked him what ingredients he uses to make his. He barely told me, but made sure to add a little flirting in the mix. He told me “If given the chance to know you, I’ll make you one someday”. Those that know me know I love to eat. I said “I may take you up on that offer someday” We exchanged numbers at that point. From that moment on we talked every day several times a day. It flowed. Our chats were easy. We had a ton in common! Only issue was I lived in Chicago and he lived in Michigan. Three weeks after talking every day he asked if I would come see him. We booked the flights and I went! To my delight it was even easier in person to talk to and connect with him. The rest was history. We spent every other weekend together after that. 7 months after we got together, Robert asked if I would move to Michigan with him. “ I can’t do this every weekend thing I need you every day” and off I went! My chocolate Teddy Bear ❤️

The Roast and the DM… His story

July 22, 2021

It started with a roast now we’re here lol. My baby and I met by chance, I seen her profile and definitely thought she was gorgeous. But I didn’t make a move, so one day I posted one of roast meals I prepared and I received a DM inquiring about it. The rest is history, she wanted my recipe but I want her for a meal 😜. So I told her I’d cook her one if we could meet, and we never been apart since. Safe to say she liked her meal and I did as well 😘


When we send out the actual invitations later this year, you will come back to the website to RSVP ❤️ There will be a section here where you can easily do so. I disabled it for the time being as it’s too early 😊

Sunday, May 5, 2024


3:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Nikos Banquet Hall
7600 S. Harlem, Bridgeview, IL 60455


Adult only wedding and reception with the exception of the children in the wedding party. Due to limited guest seating, we are asking that no additional guests that we haven’t already granted access are allowed. Anyone outside of the plus one will be asked to leave. There will be absolutely no exceptions to this.



Natosha and Robert’s Honeyfund

Wedding Party

Meet some of the nearest and dearest to us…our wedding party!

Mrs. Tesia Johnson


Bride’s good friend of 13 years. She has one of the sweetest, patient, and genuine souls you will ever encounter. I’m proud to call her friend and couldn’t imagine my day without her. She comes all the way from Georgia to be here to share in our love and joy!

Ms. Keondra McCoy


Keondra, better known as KeKe, Is a lifelong close friend! I’ve been on this life’s Journey with her since we were 9 years old. We go way back to latchkey kids in the same building. She is the funniest person I know! We laugh until our stomachs hurt whenever we’re together. She has the heart of Gold and often wears her heart on her sleeves. She gives more than she receives, and that’s why God will keep blessing her. Enough of all that…ain’t no way I was going to do this without her!

Ms. Janiya Porter


🎶 I knew I loved you before I met you🎶 Janiya is the Bride’s baby girl! She is the sweetest soul I know and I don’t just say that because I’m her mommy. She is truly a great human being and I am incredibly proud and blessed to be her mother. She’s always been a gentle soul. I’ve never had to yell at or spank her (can’t say that for all of my kids 😂) When I was pregnant with her, I prayed for a girl. God sent me the best one he had 👧🏾 She’s kicking nursing schools 🍑 and I adore watching her mother her beautiful son, Nonnie’s little Angel, Rashaad lll, who is better known to everyone in my life as little “Charlie Brown”💕 He is also our Ring Bearer! I wouldn’t do this day without my baby love, my “ma-ma” and yes I still call her that even though she’s a mommy herself now ❤️

Miss Alora Givan

Flower Girl

Little Miss Alora Givan is the Bride’s 5 year old granddaughter. The first to steal my heart in such a way, I can’t do this without her ❤️Alora loves PJ mask, her cat, Abigail and is the proud big sister of a baby brother named Anais!

Mr. Rashaad Essex III

Ring Bearer

Little Mr. Rashaad Essex lll is the Bride’s grandson, affectionately know as “Charlie Brown” by everyone affiliated with his Nonnie ❤️ This baby is the healer of my broken heart, the light of my life and the joy to my world! The love in my heart for this little guy is immeasurable and indescribable! I can’t imagine life, or this day, with you, Nonnie man!

Mr. Devonte Avery


Devonte Avery “Vonte” is the Grooms nephew in love! Where do I being? This is the young man I always knew was coming but never imagined I’d welcome so much. He is my oldest niece boo and our nephew and from day one has been apart of the family and one of my closest. Vonte is the father of one of our beautiful flower girls, Little miss Mylanah!

Miss Taniyah Carter

Flower Girl

Little Miss Taniyah Carter is the Bride’s 5 year old baby cousin. Little Miss Sassy has the cutest little smile. When her mom asked her what she wanted me to write about her on the website, she said “I am a black queen and will be a superstar”… and is, sis!

Mrs. Christina Johnson

Matron of Honor

Christina “Chris” Johnson is the Bride’s cousin in love, but sister at heart! She is the most logical person in my life. When the going gets tough in my life, I can ALWAYS count on her to give me just the encouraging words and life advice I need to pull it together again. She supports anything in my life be it right or wrong, she standing beside me! I couldn’t imagine anyone else for this role but someone so supportive of my life than you!

Miss Mylanah Avery

Flower Girl

Little Miss Mylanah is the 5 year old Great niece of the Groom, and is affectionately known as “Moo Moo” to her uncle Boom. She is sweet, loves Minnie Mouse and Doc McStuffins, and loves to dance to her own beat ❤️ She is also the beautiful daughter of our Groosman Devante ☺️

Ms. Tanika Jackson

Maid of Honor

Tanika is the Bride’s best friend. She’s the Godmother to all of my children and I am the Godmother of hers. We were present when one another’s children entered the world! I can’t remember a happy, sad, mad, or joyous occasion in my life that didn’t include her standing right beside me or even going before me to cause damage in some instances (we won’t talk about those here😂 ) She is the sister that God gave to me since I don’t have any. It was only automatic that she stands beside me as my Maid of Honor.

Mr. Roy Kinsey


Roy is the Grooms cousin. My cousin, one of the most talented, yet humble men I’ve ever known. I’m so proud of you cuz you have no idea, you’ve always been such a positive influence on me and someone I know I could get pure honest from. Thank you for being here with me.

Mr. Teriane McKee


Teriane is the Grooms best friend. Man my oldest friend and brother 30 years out here 4th grade season 1 power rangers lol you’ve been there at times when no one else was and I thank you my brother for accepting to stand with me in this next chapter of my life.

Mrs. Shevawn Carter


Shevawn is the Bride’s good friend. Whenever I need to just talk something out and have a good ear to listen, she’s the one I turn to. Always giving sound advice, she never fails me. I couldn’t picture the day without her!

Mr. Maurice Pruitt Sr.


Maurice is the Groom’s big brother! Man my brother, we’ve had some ups downs and roller coaster loops. But brother I love you and I’m looking forward to the future and everything life can bring us as brothers, thank you for being here with me.

Mr. Darryl Martin


Darryl is the Groom’s good friend. My homie my bro, man Austin days was crazy. 20 years and counting and happy you’re here with me bro, and many more good times to come.

Mr. Maurice Pruitt Jr.


Maurice, also known as “Lil Maurice”, is the Groom’s nephew. My oldest nephew, more like my little brother. I’ve watched you grow from a baby to a resourceful, intelligent young man. I’m very proud to say I’m your uncle and happy to have stand with me in one of the biggest days in my life.

Mr. Marcus Jones

Best Man

Marcus is the Groom’s best friend! The word best friend even brother can’t describe Jones and I bond. We met in 6th grade and Jones very first words to me was “ you look like Martin Lawrence” the rest is history Lmmfao. But I couldn’t have asked for a better friend and brother thanks for being my best man.

Mrs. Antonita “Nita” Jakes

Wedding Coordinator

I’ve known Nita since she was 11 years old. She has a heart as deep and beautiful as her dimples 😊 She has coordinated weddings so beautifully over the years, so I didn’t have to second guess choosing her as the one that takes some of the stress off of me (The Bride) so that I may only have to sit back and enjoy my day. Thank you my Nita Boo ❤️

Pastor Joseph Davis


Joseph, better known to me (Bride) as “Chaplain Joseph” is not only the Pastor of his own church, but I have the honor of working with him. We are part of an amazing Hospice team that takes care of Gods special angels while they are on earth until he calls them home! It is an honor for me to have him as the one that’s going to usher us into our covenant before God ❤️

This is us!

The Wedding Website of Natosha Porter and Robert Miller III
Our life, our children, our world!



Can we bring children


As much as we would love to see your little one, we are not accommodating any children as guests outside of the children in our wedding party. Please come and enjoy the time alone with your plus one (if granted) We would love to have you, but we will have to turn guests away that come with children. And no, there’s no exceptions.


What are the colors


Our wedding colors are Mint, Grey, and white. There’s been lots of inquiries about this as some would like to wear our colors. Feel free! Or wear whatever you like. It is a formal attire event. We just want the honor of you accompanying us as we embark on this new journey in our lives ❤️


Can I bring a guest/additional guests


If you’re granted a plus one, yes. You are granted ONE guest. Please do not bring or extend invites to anyone extra. We would hate to have to send anyone home, but if they were not invited by the bride and groom and if they are not the guest list, the host will be coming to check with us to see if it’s ok to let them in. I guarantee you they will be sent home. We have paid for everyone that WE invited per head. Please do not “surprise “ us with YOUR invitees. They will end up with the biggest surprise of having to go home. No exceptions.


Can I still come if I do not RSVP? But you sent me an invitation you know I’m coming!


No! If you do not RSVP, you are not in the count of who we pay for. It doesn’t matter the relationship. If you can’t take 2 seconds to RSVP, you will be excluded. Just getting an invitation is not your automatic spot in. It just means we would love to share our day with you. But no RSVP means we are going to assume you’re not coming and extend your seat to other guests. If you are not on the guest list you will not be allowed in. And if you do not RSVP, you won’t be on the list.