Jonathan & Zikeria

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Jonathan Gunter


Zikeria Finley

April 13, 2024

Gainesville, GA
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Our Story...

First comes friendship, then comes marriage (2017-2020)

So how Jonathan and I first met has a lot of different pieces to it, but the main storyline is this: My sister and I were in color guard together and had been seeing this younger girl who was new in the band. She was quiet and kept to herself, but if you know me and my sister, you know we are the complete opposite. We kept seeing her, so one day my sister and I looked at each other and convinced each other that we would go and talk to her, so we did! When we walked up to her, I said in the most bubbly voice, "Hi, I'm ski." And my sister, in her equally loud voice, said, "Hey, I'm Quasia." The shy girl looked at us like we were crazy, but we got her to open up to us enough to learn that the girl's name was Aniyah, or, as I now like to call her, NiyNiy. My sister and I had already met her cousin Bry and her brother Jonathan while working at McDonald's together! With me, Quaisa, and Niyah being in marching band together, my mom took that as an opportunity for us to carpool for competitions that we had on Saturdays, so my mom asked her mom if she didn't mind us riding with them, and, if you know my amazing soon-to-be mother-in-law, she didn't! One Friday after practice, we ended up just going to spend the night with Niyah at her house since we had to leave early anyway for the competition the next morning. After the competition, we came back to stay the night again because, like I said before, all four of us were now friends, so why not? That is where I got to meet and talk to Jonathan. Mind you, I had seen him around school and at work, and he also played the drums; he was just not in the marching band, but we had never seen or talked outside of that. That night, when we stayed over, I took so many photos and videos of this big, goofy 6'5 guy and these new friends I had. We even made friends with the twins next door we went to school with and their older brother. From then on, we all became best friends, and no, me and Jonathan were not together then, just really good friends, and with both of our goofy personalities, we clicked well. Over time, some of our group members moved schools, and some stayed. We could go about a month without hanging out or talking with the whole group, but anytime there was a special occasion like birthdays, graduations, or holidays, we were always there for each other. Now is where the good stuff starts. We all came together for my birthday and went to skate country, and that night something was different between me and Jonathan; he was definitely a flirt, and honestly, I flirted back, but once the night was over and everyone went their separate ways, we talked for a couple of weeks, but then fell off with being in different schools, and honestly, I just believe God was telling us it was not yet our time. My high school graduation came around, and I was one of those kids who graduated at the peak of COVID-19, and you all know it was not fun! My mom knew I was down about not having a traditional graduation, so without my knowledge, she threw me a surprise party, and all of my family and friends were there, mainly my friend group from high school. I honestly remember it like it was yesterday. It was May 30th, 2020, which also happened to be Jonathan's birthday, but instead of going to celebrate his day, he came to celebrate mine. That night after the party, everyone left, and I sent a text to everyone saying thank you for being there. Jonathan, being Jonathan, said, "What? Did you think I wouldn't come". Of course, I just replied, No. I was just saying thanks to everyone, and from that night on, we just started talking every day, and well, here we are now getting married, with our friend group right by our sides!