Veronica & Nicholas

Wedding Party

Meet our family and friends that will be walking down the aisle with us on our big day!

Valerie Queen

Matron of Honor

Bride’s sister Veronica and Valerie have shared a life time of memories as they are only 3 years apart. Veronica always wanted a twin. Since they did everything together like shared a bed, friends, and toys it was basically like having a twin.

Jordan Goebel

Best Man

Groom’s brother

Victoria Duchene

Maid of Honor

Bride’s sister

Gavin Coates


Bride’s brother Gavin was 9 years old when Nick started dating Veronica. Nick and Gavin played unless amount of basketball and finally Gavin had a dude to talk sports with.

Kylie lothshutz


Bride and Groom’s friend

Cole Janes


Bride and Groom’s friend Cole and Nick go way back as they became friends in elementary school. Growing up they played sports, went on cruises, double dates with their girlfriends and endless trips to Higgins Lake.


Flower Girl

Bride’s niece Hazel is the daughter of Valerie Queen. Hazel loves her Aunt Caca AKA Veronica and Uncle Nick. She might not be the littlest but she does make everyone stop and Aww over her.