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Cody Acosta


Caitlin Kelly

Cody Acosta


Caitlin Kelly

August 15, 2024

Roxbury, NY
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Schedule of the day

Thursday, August 15, 2024

Arrival time

4:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Roxbury Barn and Estate
667 County Road 41, Roxbury, NY 12474


4:30 pm - 5:00 pm

The Pine Grove

Cocktail Hour

5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

The Pavilion

Dinner and Speeches

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

The Dining Hall


7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

The Cottage Barn


9:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Bonfire cirlce

Places to stay and venue directions

Our wedding will be in the catskill mountains and although so lovely, traditional hotels are not nearby so here are some places to stay close to our venue! We do recommend if you can, take this chance to book your summer getaway weekend in the catskill mountains with us !

Travel Note

Directions to our venue

Being that our venue is in the gorgeous Catskill mountains, cell reception may go out for some on your way to our venue, and we don’t want you to get lost! Attached is a pdf of directions the venue has supplied for us from different surrounding areas. PLEASE take screenshots of the directions just in case you loose your gps during your travels to prevent getting lost or being late !


Winwood Inn and Condos

5220 New York 23, Windham, NY 12496

The Winwood inn lodge is 35 minutes away from our venue! There will be a 10% discount given to those who book here

Discount Code - 0815KA

House Or Rental


Roxbury, NY 12474

There are tons of Airbnb options near our venue and we definitely recommend making a weekend trip if you can so you can enjoy the beautiful Catskills while your here for the wedding ! Here is a link to Airbnb options in Roxbury, NY and close by towns


The Roxbury Motel

2258 County Road 41, Roxbury, NY 12474
 (607) 326-7200

This inn is only a 4 minute drive from our venue! The inn has a fun and different style to it which will make your stay unique. The inn has themed rooms and was on the news for it’s unique touches! Definitely a fun stay that is close to our venue ! Themed rooms, cabins and suites are available


Hanah Mountain Resort & Country Club

576 West Hubbell Hill Road, Margaretville, NY 12455
 (845) 586-4849

The Hanah Lodge is only a 13 minute drive from our venue! The lodge is old fashioned but charming. The lodge offers many things including a golf course for our golfers.


We love you all so much and want to have an amazing celebration with you on our wedding day! We know traditionally guests like to leave newly weds gifts for their special day. Although not expected, we have added a honeymoon fund to help us enjoy the first week of being newly weds as well as a few items on our wishlist for years to come. There will also be a card box for all your well wishes and kind words at our venue on the day of ❤️

Wedding Party

Meet our wedding party!

Caitlin E Kelly


Cody R Acosta


Brooke Kelly

JR. Maid of Honor

As most know, Brooke is Caitlin's younger sister with an 8 year age difference. Throughout the years they haven't always been the closest due to age but have gotten so close as she has gotten older and now share a bond that cannot compare to others. The one she can go to for anything for the rest of her life. Caitlin is beyond honored to have her sister by her side on her special day and wouldn't know what to do without her. P.S she better give a killer speech at the reception ;)

Sophia Iwan

SR. Made of Honor

Sophia and Caitlin met in Aesthetics school and believe it or not but they NEVER thought they would be friends after school. Two completely different gals but weirdly enough mesh so well and keep each others heads on right.... unless they go shopping together, she's the worst influence, LOL! Sophia is a MUST to have in Caitlin's everyday life but especially on her special day by her side. One of the best support systems she has <3

Sara Majeed


Sara and Caitlin have been friends from straight out the womb, haha! For their entire lives they have been more like sisters and would spend everyday during the summers together. Countless sleepovers and were there for all major life turning points together thus far. Caitlin knew she wouldn't be able to say " I do" without her.

Sofia Leon


Sofia and Caitlin were high school besties and basically the funniest people together... so much so that they would get in trouble in class for laughing too much and always make each other laugh at the most inappropriate times, LOL. These two are a handful together but the best handful you’ll ever get. Partners in crime and non replaceable. It was an easy decision to have Sofia by her side on her wedding day

Lili VanVorst


Lili and Caitlin met through Caitlin's first ever esthetics job and instantly clicked. Lili is one of the easiest people to talk to and has a light that shines from her. She has great energy and is the best hype girl, support, biggest fan and twin. Caitlin knew she needed her hype girl by her side on her special day.

Haylee Roemer


Haylee is Cody's younger sister, and although Caitlin and Haylee weren't close for many years as Haylee has grown into a young smart, beautiful young women Caitlin and her have become close and Caitlin is more grateful than ever for the relationship that they share. Haylee has become a big part of Caitlin and Codys life and they are so honored to have her by their side

Sarah McGrath


Sarah is a friend to both Caitlin and Cody and they are so grateful for the relationship they have gained with her. One of the most kind, supportive, strong, realistic person to be on this earth and the love she gives both Caitlin and Cody is something they new they couldn't be without. Sarah has been one of the biggest helps with planning and Caitlin and Cody will forever be grateful for her for the time she has put in and things she has helped with is above and beyond. Although it was already a no brainer, Sarah is a must have for their lives and a must have for their big day!

Molly Buchanan


Molly is also a friend to both Caitlin and Cody but another long lasting friend. She brings joy, trust, love and companionship to their lives... and a whole lotta laughs! Molly has brought all the support and love that they need and they are so grateful to have her in their lives. The relationship is strong and she brings such positive energy that not only did they need in their lives but on their special day as well.

Kiran Oakes


Kiran and Cody have been friends as long as they can remember. They share many of the same characteristics and always can enjoy a good time together.... mostly working on cars LOL. Kiran has always been one to lend a helping hand even when not asked, where as some people may not even think of it. Kiran has become the longest friendship Cody has had and he will forever be grateful for him and the times they share.

Ryan Kiel


Ryan and Cody had met through work and quickly became the laughter they need through each work day. Their relationship has grown so much and Cody can depend on Ryan whenever he needs to. He is one that Cody can trust and have a great time with but also get sh%t done with, haha! Cody is so grateful for Ryan and the relationship they have and can’t Imagine his big day without him!

Noah Kilmer


Noah and Cody had met through work and had an instant click. Cody describes Noah as goofy, funny, and a hard worker. Noah helps bring Cody laugh even during serious times and is dependable and damn good time. Cody enjoys the daily shenanigans he shares with Noah and couldn't imagine him not keeping his nerves away with the laughter on his wedding day.

Mike McGrath


Mike is Sarah's husband, and even though Cody and Mike were set up by Caitlin and Sarah to be best friends (hehe), it just came naturally. The laughs they share and the times they have make Mike someone Cody wouldn't want to skip out on in his life and on his big day. Cody is so grateful to have a friend like Mike to share new experiences with and the journey that life brings, we are so grateful for you Mike!

Jake Costello


Jake and Cody are another friendship that was pre-planned out by Caitlin and Molly but perfectly enough for the girls, their friendship came naturally. Jake brings Cody out of his comfort zone at the best times and can be described as the life of the party. Cody knew although a new friendship, it is a strong one where they share laughs and fun times everything, they are together. Cody is so grateful for the relationship he has gained with Jake and is honored to have him by his side on his big day.

Sean Levinson


Sean and Cody have grown a friendship over laughter and mutual interests. They met through work and easily had grown closer over time. When deciding on who means most to him and who he can have a good time with no matter what he knew Sean was one of the best men for the job! Cody is so excited to have Sean up there with him on his big day.

Alex Bundy


Alex was one of Cody's first friends at their current workplace and they both can easily be mistaken from behind as the same person. Both with a shared interest in cars Cody also has full trust in Alex and describes him as such a good guy. They share laughs and hobbies and Cody knew he needed Alex by his side on his wedding day, just like he has been all these years.

Renley Majeed

Ring Bearer

Renley is Caitlin's Godson and is one of the biggest pieces of her heart. He is the cutest most smart little man and was the easiest decision to make to have this sweet boy in their wedding.

Mathias Kelly

Father of the Bride

Monica Johnson

Mother of the Bride

Clayton Acosta

Father of the Groom

Erin Roemer

Mother of the Groom

PJ Roemer

Step Father to the Groom

Kadie Acosta

Step Mother to the Groom

Crystal Johnson


Crystal is Caitlin's aunt that she shared her life growing up with. They have always been close no matter the distance between them and Caitlin loves her endlessly. Crystal has shown open arms to Cody and shares the love she shows Caitlin with him as well. Cody and Caitlin wanted someone who was special to them to be the person to marry them. It was an easy decision to have Aunt Crystal as that special role on their wedding day.


The Wedding Website of Caitlin Kelly and Cody Acosta



Are Children allowed?


We have limited children to our closest friends and family members. All names on invitations are invited to help join us on our special day! We appreciate your understanding and cannot wait to celebrate with you <3


Can I bring a plus one?


Unfortunately if your invitation does not include a specified persons we ask that you do not bring your own plus one. As much as we would love to have as many people as possible we unfortunately are unable to add anymore guests for our capacity.


What is the dress code?


We ask that our guests dress in semi formal attire/ cocktail attire, something classy! We also ask that you do not wear shades of green or shades of white <3


What if we arrive late / during the ceremony time?


Due to us having a destination wedding we do ask to plan for early arrival so that you don't miss our ceremony. If you arrive with ample time there will be refreshments to keep you busy before the ceremony begins. But if life happens and gets in the way, we do ask that you wait until after the ceremony to join us at cocktail hour instead so there are no interruptions.


Will there be transportation available?


We will not have a shuttle service available for the wedding. Although, we want to ensure your safe travels home from our celebration so the last hour of the reception will be dedicated to a wind down bonfire where non alcoholic drinks and s'mores will be served !