Lindsey Clayton


Amber Rees


Lindsey Clayton


Amber Rees

June 23, 2023

New York, NY
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Here's what you can expect for our Wedding weekend. We would love you all to take photos during the wedding, and don't hesitate to post on social media. You're encouraged to celebrate however you want! THURSDAY 6/22/23 For whoever can attend: We will be going to an early dinner in Lower Manhattan to kickstart the weekend (and celebrate the birth of Kyle and Erin). Location and time details to come. Check the website closer to the wedding date! FRIDAY 6/23/23 All Guests Required: We require your presence for the entire evening. The event will take place 5pm-8pm at the venue location. Schedule below is tentative. 5pm-5:30pm Pre ceremony cocktails served at the venue. 5:30pm-6pm Ceremony at Venue 6pm-8pm Dinner, Drinks, and Celebration! SATURDAY 6/24/23 For whoever can attend: We will be either going to brunch or taking a ride on our favorite Lobster Boat on the westside high way! Time and details to come.

Friday, June 23, 2023


5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

The Wine Bar at Peasant
194 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY 10012


We've been together forever. We feel like we have all the home items we need, but we are hoping to take a honeymoon trip to Greece next year!


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It's a small group and we would love to have you all wear colors that we love! Please choose attire that matches colors from the color pallet above. If you don't, you will not be in any photos (Jk. But you may look foolish) We also assume you'd like to know who you will be celebrating with. Invite list below! Feel free to coordinate on the weekend with each other. Ashley H. and Marc H. Sarah R. Erin M. Max C. and Matt D. Missy M. and Andy M. Kyle K. Jen D. Mikey L. and Nick D. Mathew S. and Chris L. Matt N. and Wesley N.


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