Joseph & Emily


Joseph Longa


Emily Bravo

September 8, 2023

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How We Met

First Week of College

We attended the same high school but never really crossed paths. That all changed one early fall afternoon during the first week of classes at Hofstra. Joseph approached me during lunch and we struck up a conversation. We treaded the waters as friends for a bit. But after four short months, we realized there was a spark in the shared laughter. We loved each other's company and that has not changed in the 8 years since.

How We Got Engaged

July 15, 2022

We went to get our favorite ice cream in Port Washington. It also happens to be the location of our first date. We usually take a stroll by the water afterwards. It was a beautiful afternoon with the sun peaking through the clouds as the boats rocked back and forth in the marina. Joseph got on one knee and popped the question!