Eliya & Kasey

Eliya Gopkalo


Kasey Reyes

September 16, 2023

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How it all started.

Eliya and Kasey first met online in the summer of 2017. Both still in high school at the time they talked back and fourth, playing games till midnight and slowly getting to know one another. It wasn't till September of 2021 Eliya and Kasey took a chance on each other and made it official! With their distance being a big gap they didn't get to go on a date till a few months later. Eliya was from Canada and Kasey lived in California. It was December 2021 when they first met in person to go on dates together. They spent their time go-karting, visiting art museums, gardens, and going to Great America! For the next year and a half they saw each other whenever they could. In the summer of 2022, Kasey got to meet all of Eliya's friends, his parents, and see what Canada had to offer. In the winter Eliya had the opportunity to meet Kasey's parents and spend Christmas with her family. Just a couple months later in March, Eliya flew down for a weekend to ask her parents for her hand in marriage. With much anticipation they said yes! Just two days after, he proposed to Kasey and they got engaged! With Eliya and Kasey their love is incredibly patient. Although they live in two different places, the faith they have in each other made them move mountains. Seven years in the making they are now making plans to get married and close the distance in the future.