Zehra & Shiraz


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Zehra Syed


Shiraz Rizvi

December 22


December 30

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How We Met

November 28th, 2021

We met at a wedding in Long Island and lucky for us we happened to be at the same table. We were sitting a couple seats apart from each other, so it was difficult to have a conversation for the first portion of the event. Opportunity presented itself when everyone dispersed to either the dance floor or to get dessert. We struck up conversation, but funnily enough neither of us remembered to exchange contact info. A few weeks later, one of us added the other on social media (we won't get into who added who) and have never looked back!

The Proposal

February 26th, 2023

Fast forwarding about a year and a half to Dubai, where we were attending a wedding. I saw this as the perfect opportunity to pop the question in front of the tallest building on the planet. I drove with my brother-in-law and Zehra's parents to the spot that we had scoped out. Zehra was close behind with my sister and nieces in the other car. She was told that my niece's friend was having a birthday party at the Burj Khalifa. Little did she know that when she walked out I would be waiting for her...and she thankfully said YES! Since that afternoon outside of the Burj Khalifa, we have both been so excited to be able to share our happiness with you! We can't wait to celebrate with you all very soon!

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