Zachary & Kyara







September 2, 2023

Windsor, CO

Ceremony and Celebration

Information about the Dates

On September 1st, 2023, we will be holding a private ceremony for our union. This will be a sacred event to mark the transition into our marriage. On September 2nd, 2023, we will be having a celebration of love, to celebrate our union! This will be held at the Moore's residence in Windsor, CO. Come prepared for a casual party to witness us as a married couple for the first time. There will be food and drinks provided.

Becoming The Sages

Zachary and Kyara Sage: The Meaning of Our Names

There is a lot of meaning behind our names, the ones we have been given and the ones we are choosing. Firstly, when we get married, we will be changing our last name to Sage. When thinking about this decision, we couldn't figure out how to combine Rauchwarg and Younts into a last name. Yauchwarg? Rounts? And Younts-Rauchwarg is a mouthful. So we decided to choose a new name, for our new family. Sage is a cleansing and aromatic herb that is used for smudging practices. A sage is also a wise man or woman who gained this wisdom through experience and self reflection. There is a depth to this name that will continue to unfold for us throughout our marriage. Zachary means "to remember God" taken from the Hebrew name "Zachariah". While he had been called Zach for most of his life, Zachary prefers his full name now. This marks an empowering transition into his fullness. Zachary has been deepening into his spiritual practice for years. He finds much meaning in his given name being both a reminder and a call to action towards continuing to live a spiritual life. Kyara found her name while on her Vision Quest last year. Kyara comes from the Italian word "chiaroscuro" that is used to describe the stark contrast between light and dark in art, and specifically how this contrast brings out a deeper beauty in both. She goes by Kyara and Kelsey because she both appreciates the meaning of her chosen name and loves her childhood name. This unification ceremony of our marriage is bringing in a new chapter for us, as the Sages.