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Zach Weil


Chandler Nemetz

October 7, 2023

Brooklyn, NY
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How We Met: Chandler's Version

Zach and I met six years years ago, when Zach's friend from college, Harry, invited Zach to join him for 4th of July weekend at the Jersey Shore. At the time, I was about to enter my junior year of college and didn't chat with members of the "older crowd" that were in the house that weekend. Zach kept approaching me trying to chat and even sat next to me and my cousin Alexa, alone, during dinner, while all of his friends sat at another table. Needless to say, I was not impressed by Zach's pursuits at the time. In the 2 years in-between this first meeting and our next, I wasn't thinking much about Zach, other than the occasional text from my brother saying "I just had dinner with your future husband." After my graduation, it was our time to meet again at the Jersey Shore. There was a lot of pent up hype surrounding the weekend that was making me very nervous for his arrival. Harry had convinced me, that Zach was coming to the house with "many gifts" for me. Despite my attempt to avoid him upon his arrival, all eyes were on us to see how we would interact. After a few Jello shots, we ultimately ended up in the Paradise bar in Asbury Park and shared our first DFMO.

How we met: Zach's version

The first time I met Chandler, while blown away by her elegance and beauty, I was not looking for a relationship at that time and she was still a Junior in college and was most certainly not entertaining me. My friend Harry invited me to his soon to be wife's (Morgan) Jersey Shore house for the 4th of July and I was doing my best to get to know everyone in her family, including Chandler who was her cousin. While no sparks flew that weekend, I guess I had made enough of an impression on everyone except for Chandler as for the next couple of years they continued to insist we would one day get married while Chandler I assume forgot who I was. Our reunion would turn out to be at the very same house a couple of years later as we both celebrated Harry and Morgan's engagement. This time though, the stars seemed to align and due to my full court press all weekend, Chandler decided to give me a shot and the rest is history!

The reunion

As you can see, they both have completely different interpretations of how their relationship transpired but nonetheless, the end result is still the same! Whether or not Zach was pursuing Chandler from day 1 we will never know but after this reunion back at the Jersey Shore, it is clear Zach had one goal on his mind and lucky enough for him Chandler was falling for his charm!