Jordan & Daniel


Jordan Burke


Daniel Opfer

October 5, 2023

Cool, CA
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How Our Two Souls Interwound..

We first met in 2016, where we shared our first of many, many musical adventures. Interaction as just friends brought us through the next couple years, with our affection for something more beginning to develop in 2018. Fittingly, many of our first dates consisted of any and every form of seeing live music together. Whether it’s experiencing the community of Sacramento’s summer concerts, driving across the state for more formal music festivals, or traveling abroad to hear unique sounds; the bond of our souls strengthens with each harmonious melody. To this day, if there’s rhythm in the air, you’ll find us in the crowd. In early 2020 we made a home together in Fresno, and shortly after the outside world changed dramatically. With our traditional forms of entertainment limited, we latched on to our love for finding peace in the great outdoors. Backpacking, hiking and mountain bike riding in and around Yosemite became our joint obsession. In 2021 we returned back to the city we love, Sacramento. The last two years have been an adventure we’ve walked in lockstep. We purchased a house in midtown and live with our two loving cats, Carl and MJ. With the door to the “Fat House” always open, we’ve continued our love for friendship, music and the great outdoors. With our next chapter in marriage around the corner, we are elated to be surrounded by those we care about for our special day.