Kelly & Will





St. Charles


October 20

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Our Story

We met in Physical Therapy school at Saint Louis University, and started dating in the Fall of 2019. Since then, we've had ups and downs, especially with long distance dating during the pandemic. Thanks to COVID, what was supposed to be just a few months of long distance turned into over a year - woof. But nevertheless, we pushed through, and when Will finally moved to St. Louis, we were able to live in the same city again! Yay! Since then, we've been loving our St. Louis life - working hard in our jobs as Physical Therapists, but having lots of fun visiting our family and friends and enjoying our busy weekends. After about three years and still liking each other quite a lot, we decided to make some moves. So Will talked to Kelly's parents to get their blessing and then started scheming for a proposal. He proposed in September and surprised Kelly with an engagement party with all of our family and friends. We are so excited to see what the future holds for us, and can't wait to share in the celebration of our wedding with you!