Victoria & Graham



Victoria Perlak


Graham Jones

June 22, 2024

Springfield, OH
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Our Story

It all started when Victoria and Graham decided to leave their hometowns in New York and Oklahoma to attend a small school in Springfield, OH. Victoria and Graham lived on neighboring floors in their freshman dorm at Wittenberg University and often found themselves running in the same group. But, it wasn't until Graham direct messaged Victoria on Facebook with a "Hey" (things were different back in 2011) that they really started talking. In just a few weeks, Victoria and Graham became inseparable between movie nights, CDR and Post 95 dates, and Wittenberg social activities (iykyk). On October 23, 2011, Graham officially asked Victoria to be his girlfriend after they watched 'Take Me Home Tonight'--a movie that has now become an anniversary go-to. Over the next decade-plus, we created a foundation for a lifetime of love. We grew up together during our four years at Wittenberg. We navigated years of long-distance, amidst new jobs and grad school. And, when Graham moved to New York, little did we know that we'd embark on a two-year journey in an NYC studio apartment because of COVID. We've made a whole lot of memories together over the past 12 years. Graham proposed in Central Park on April 8, 2023, and surprised Victoria with a party after to celebrate with friends and family. We're so excited to bring our friends and family to the place where our love story began as we celebrate this next chapter.

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