Tyra & Devon


Devon Robinson


Tyra Givings

August 22, 2024

Wellston, OK
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Our Ceremony

We're having a wedding! Its been two years too long, and we are excited to announce that we will be having a ceremony this coming August. Click around to find all of the details. We hope you'll join us on our big day.

How We Met

The Great Debate

I remember walking. . . no, skipping into my English class in 2015 as a freshman at OBU. I was an overly excited, social student who couldn’t bear the idea that I was unable to meet every single person on campus. So, naturally, when I entered the room, I was prepared to ask every single person their name, major, and where they were from. I remember seeing Devon, head resting on his desk, relaxed as if he were already in a deep sleep before class had even begun. I looked at him and asked cheerfully, “What’s your name?” He slowly raised his head but hardly his eyelids and said,” Devon”. He returned to position as if his response was just a yawn interrupting his nap. And I . . . well, I skipped away with the quick thought “he thinks I’m cute.” I’m not sure how I could assume that based on our short interaction, but I was absolutely correct. The rest of our story is a rollercoaster of emotions, new experiences, and travel. Dev says we met during Welcome Week playing basketball.

We Got Married

January 5, 2022 we got married at a Charleston’s in Tulsa. It was just us and our parents. I was back from Ecuador for a quick Holiday and Devon was preparing to go to BMT. We had just two more days before I returned to South America, so we wanted to make them count. On January 4th we went on a downtown Tulsa date. Then we headed to my parents for what I thought was a game night. We walked in and before I knew it, Dev was down on one knee. We celebrated with our families and laughed at the suggestion that we get married the next day. . . Then we stopped laughing and started planning. Early that next morning we ran my last minute travel errands and grabbed the certificate. That evening January 5th we signed the documents with our parents as witnesses. On January 6th at 4am, he dropped me off for my flight. Eleven months later, we moved in together to start our life as a family. Finally, we get to celebrate!

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