Megan & Jared





October 13, 2023

Napa, CA
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How We Met

ASU; top party school for a reason

We met at a pool party when we were both attending Arizona State University. Megan’s roommate had invited her to her bio lab partners pool and Jared was the bio partner’s friend. Jared was the designated bartender and Megan loved that he had brought Angry Orchards. While they didn’t exchange numbers that day, Jared got Megan’s number by asking his friend for Megan’s roommate’s number and then Megan’s number from her roommate. A classic game of telephone.

Our Favorite Memories

Megan: My favorite memory is when we got Pepperoni. Jared dabbles in online poker and one day played a huge tournament that resulted in him winning some money. Since I has been waiting for him to finish the tournament before our date, Jared said I could get whatever present I wanted and I asked for a dog. That night I researched dogs in foster care, the pound, and on marketplaces. The next day we went and met up with a lady we meet on Craigslist to pick up Pepper from a gas station. Jared: My favorite memories of Megan & I are from when we went to visit Seattle. We took a long weekend and explored a city we didn’t know. We rode the Ferris wheel, ate lots of Beecher’s Mac n Cheese, visited the space needle, and ate the best pastries at Piroshky Piroshky. I especially enjoy the memory of Megan sitting on a bench that was a clearly labeled art structure in Olympic Sculpture Park.