Tia & Tj


Floral Background

Tia Humphrey


Tj Ehrhart

April 30, 2023

Charleston, SC

How They Met

In a world of swipes and likes, Tia and TJ found love the old-fashioned way: in this club, ay!

It’s January 2019, and two very different parties were happening across town. One apartment housed a trio of friends: Tia, Sarah, and Jillian. They were glamming and pregaming for a DJ set happening in Deep Ellum, and Tia had one thing on her mind: getting on the dance floor. Nearby, Jillian’s then-boyfriend (now-husband!) and his friends were not glamming but definitely pregaming for a night out. A few drinks and text messages later, and the group had plans to meet up at the bar. Fast forward, and the guys showed up to the bar first while the girls were fashionably late — classic. Soon introductions were made, and both TJ and Tia noticed one another. (And their friends noticed the instant connection between them.) By the end of the night, Sarah and Jillian were playing matchmaker, and Tia and TJ were falling right into their trap. In the early morning hours, it was time for Tia to head home, and TJ sat with her as she waited for her Uber. Standing outside, TJ wrapped Tia in his jacket until her ride arrived. But before she drove off, he was sure to get her number. By the time she arrived back home, she had a text from him and the rest was history.