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June 8

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Our Love Story

Seeds: everything in life begins with it. Our story highlights how these seeds blossom and can create new life.

On a warm Spring day in 2004, Davilyn moved back to Chicago, IL from Atlanta, GA, and returned to her Grandparent's house. At this house, Davilyn's Grandmother Harriett planted the seeds of loving and caring for family and keeping family together. Who knew that this seed would produce an unlikely situation? A few days later, she heard a commotion in front of her Grandparent's house. She investigated and saw one of her neighbors fighting with a new neighbor. This new neighbor was Thomas. Irritated that the two decided to fight on her front porch, she grabbed some peroxide and Neosporin to clean up Thomas's wounded hand. She did not know that Thomas stood on the word of his favorite Bible Scripture: (Isaiah 54:17) "No weapons formed against me shall prosper." That weapon included that fight and, Davilyn's wrath at that moment. Instead, Thomas impressed Davilyn with his words, mindset, and how he carried himself. Together, they planted a new seed from that day, and their friendship grew. Thomas knew something was different about Davilyn as he got to know her. He discovered the seeds of family planted within Davilyn and how she understood this importance for the next generation. Those values aligned with his values of having a strong family. Having a solid family foundation was a seed his family instilled in him, especially his Stepfather, Mario and Uncle Anthony. He was also attracted to Davilyn's intelligence, business mindset, grace, and class. Most importantly, she had a beautiful face which he recognized as she was mad, wrapping his hand from the fight. Equally, Davilyn also knew there was something special about Thomas. She loved the way he handled business, his confidence, and his protectiveness of her. With Thomas, she learned she could be her authentic self and that they made an incredible business team. She also loved his talent for cooking. But, most importantly, she recognized her foundational seeds within Thomas. Davilyn also saw similarities between Thomas's mother and her grandmother. Beyond family values, both women shared a commitment to helping the community, embracing others, and being a support system to many. Thomas's mother also reflected another value from Davilyn's favorite Bible scripture: (Luke 6:31) Do to others as you would have them do to you. Davilyn's grandmother did live by this scripture consistently. Through this friendship, a relationship blossomed. Thomas and Davilyn became business partners and traveled the world. They zip-lined in the Dominican Republic, learned about the Haitian War, and stayed in Water Bungalows in Mexico. Back in the US, they did many activities together, such as music concerts, sporting events, parties, hosting family events, and celebrating their birthdays together. Davilyn's birthday is June 7th, and Thomas's Birthday is June 9th; therefore, June 8th has become their official birthday holiday. As the seeds of their relationship grew and took root, they planted a more excellent seed together. This seed was their most fabulous prize, their son Amir – the next generation. Thomas and Davilyn will tell anyone that having a successful relationship is complex. It takes work! On Thanksgiving 2022, Thomas and Davilyn were among their family; when Thomas asked to make a toast. Pointing to Davilyn, Thomas said, "I'm thankful for my wife for always holding me down. Being my right hand, and I love you." He then got on his knees to ask Davilyn for her hand in marriage. Davilyn responded, "HELL FUCKING YEAH!" Thomas and Davilyn will plant the seed of their Union on Saturday, June 8th, 2024, among the roots of their Family and Friends who have become family. All will witness this in a seven (7) acre outdoor experience in McHenry, Illinois, surrounded by elegant colors of Black, White, Gold, and, most importantly, love.

Seven (7) seeds of wisdom

Davilyn & Thomas offer seven (7) seeds of wisdom for ensuring relationships work. Seven (7) is the number of the fullness of life.

1. Keep God first! 2. Keep other people out of your relationship. 3. Communicate and listen effectively. 4. Work through disagreements healthily. 5. Establishing a healthy boundary with your partner. 6. Talk openly about emotional and physical challenges. 7. Have Trust, Respect, and Loyalty for each other.