The Nato's

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Coming February 2023
Las Vegas, NV

How We Met

Spilling the tea

Many people like to remember the day we met as the typical “meet cute” that you would watch in a movie. It was a typical day for Ian who was working at the local hospital and decided to stop by the Starbucks to grab some lunch. Just a split second that would change his life forever as the clumsy girl next to him, bumped into him and spilled her drink all over him. He likes to remember this as an opportunity to get a date with the cute girl who he just met. I like to remember the complete embarrassment that I was experiencing in the moment as I was frantically trying to offer dry cleaning services. I offered to pay to have his scrubs cleaned and he would take no offer except for a future date. From that moment on, the rest was history as he says this was completely strategic move as he knew that I was the one for him. This is the story that people have come to know and love. The movie like meeting, something that people did not know could happen in real life. I am sure that it is completely plausible however, it does stray from the real events that took place. Seven years later, this is something that we have completely stayed tight lipped about and stayed consistent with. It is a lovely story, but it is not our story. We met in the typical way that people in 2016 were meeting… on Tinder! We both swiped right with no future expectations. A marriage, fur baby and mortgage later, I think we deserve a sponsorship!